Hollywood Weave.

This is what the weft looks like, it's super flat, ensuring optimal comfort and easy to hide while wearing your hair up. To attach this weave I will add little micro rings to your natural hair in rows, then the weft is stitched in through these sections. the amount of rows needed depends on what you would like to achieve but usually 1 row would be for thickness, 2 rows for thickness and length, 3 rows for extra thickness and length.

Ultra Tips

Ultra Tips are an individual method, these are the flattest method of hair extensions on the market, you really can not feel these in the hair, easy to hide while wearing different hair styles. Their fan like shape gives ultra coverage/thickness. There attached strand by strand with a tiny little ring holding your natural hair and the hair extension together, the ring is smaller than a grain of rice.

Mini Tips

Mini Tips are an individual method, there like micro rings but an upgraded method, these are a lot smaller and flatter than any micro rings out there. These are attached strand by strand with a ring that holds your natural hair and hair extension together.

Flat Tips

Flat Tips are an individual method. Tipped with Italian keratin which is a very safe material for the hair, these extensions are fitted strand by strand the Italian keratin is then heated up then neatly rolled to adhere. 

Injection Tape

Injection Tapes are 4cm wide pieces, these are attached by one piece laying on top of the other with a piece of your hair that lays in-between. The top of these pieces mimic the root of your hair which make them very discreet. These are good for ladies with ultra fine hair.

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